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Welcome To Our Site

San Diego Memorial Dart Tournament and website is dedicated to a community of friends and competitors. This dart tournament and website is to honor and respect the memories of all who have passed.Our community encompasses all of San Diego County. We, the board members felt the necessity to establish a memorial dart tournament; open to all steel tip dart players, to participate and share in the memories of all our friends who are no longer with us. With special thanks to our Tournament Director, Board Members, Benefactors, Sponsors, Friends and Volunteers; we now have established the

"San Diego Memorial Dart Tournament"


The San Diego Memorial Dart Tournament Board Members would like to thank all those that came to the tournament and supported it, without your participation we would not be having our Thitteenth Memorial Tournament on September 28th and 29th, 2019 without your support and dedication to steeltip darts. We would also like to thank all those involved in the tournament itself, Our Founders; Dave Loudon and Mike Enright; Signups and Raffle Prizes; Sue Noon, Denise Klein, Stella Loudon, Ann Connolly, and Brenda Stedman, Al Bahr Shriner's Center Red Fez Room; Volunteers, Events Directors; Phil Gorman and Paul Schauer, Dart Boards supplied by; San Diego Memorial Dart Tournament Board and Bob Zochowski; Setup Crew; Mark Veatch, Freeman Dougherty, Ron Zaccaro, Dan Jager, Ron Jones, Aaron Jameson, Charles Bradish, Bob Zochowski and all others through out the years; Sponsors; GSDDA Dart association, Encanto VFW 1512




Congratulation to all our 2016 Tournament Winners:

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Blind Draw 501 Friday Night

1st Place: Jess Sotelo and Edwin Legaspi

2nd place: Aaron Jameson and Ronnie Rosales

Blind Draw 501 Saturday

1st Place: Jd Newman and Ruben Herrera 

2nd Place: Ron Gayman and Phil O'Neill

Mens Singles 501 Saturday

1st Place: Ozzie Osman

2nd Place: Jacob Womack

Woman's Singles 501 Saturday

1st Place: Shannon Vitale

2nd Place: Marcie Evans

Open Doubles 501 Saturday

1st Place: Juan (Devo) Madrigal and Ozzie Osman


2nd Place: Jeff Hubbard and Jason Kutsenda

Woman's Singles 301 Saturday

1st Place: Shannon Vitale

2nd Place: Marcie Evans

Open Singles Cricket Saturday 

1st Place: Kevin Simminis

2nd Place: Rob Dixon

2019 San Diego Memorial Tournament Flyer

( Click Above For Tournament Flyer )
2019 Blind Draw San Diego
Memorial Dart Tournament XIII
Friday Night September 27 th, 2019
Doors Open At 5:30 pm
Start Time 8:00 pm Sharp  
The Thirteenth Annual
September 28th, 2019 Doors open 8:00 am
September 29th, 2019 Doors Open 8:00 AM
Encanto VFW 1512
6873 Federal Blvd..
Lemon Grove, CA 91945