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Lynda Toyne-Pomykal (Dec. 21st, 1941-Apr. 30th, 1991)

Lynda was a founding member of the GSDDA (#46).  She opened up her home, as the first GSDDA office was born in her spare bedroom, and held all Board positions at some point in her short life.  Lynda was Captain, Co-Captain and avid player of the Ladies All-Star team and loved the "Suicide Weekends" with her dart "sisters".  She traveled to many tournaments in her day, always playing ladies doubles with long time friend, Margaret Drake (GSDDA #47), as well as many Thursday Night league darts where some will remember her ladies team (herself, Margaret Drake, Lil Finster, Jackie Daly & daughter Tracey "Toyne" Leicester) as the "Rainbow Girls" where they wore rainbow clown wigs every week or "F-Troop" where they came in their camo's and khaki's.
Tracey Leicester

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